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Shelter Chords
Band:Corrosion of Conformity
Cd:( ? )
tuning: Standard 4:40
this is a great song that "NO ONE !" has tabbed correctly...untill now I Melicore! have 

Chords: Am , C , A(Variation?), G(Variation?)

Am     C      A?     G?
==    ===    ===    ===
0      0      0      0
1      1      1      1
2      0      2      0
2      2      0      0
0      3      0      2
0      3      2      3

ok im not sure of those 2 chord names but they are listed how to make them

listen to the song for strum pattern.

Am                        C                         A    G          Am
Once in a while , youd been better , listining to the fool     for a change

Thats the Gist of it , The song keeps the same pattern over the whole song im not too 
the lyrics though.. lol
Give me some feed back ( [email protected] ) Thx for checking me out !    Tabbed By : 
- Grant Ward

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