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The Supermen Chords
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From: Harlan L Thompson 


F*   G*
When all the world was very young
And mountain magic heavy hung
The supermen would walk in file 
Guardians of a loveless isle
      Am                 Am/G            F
And gloomy browed with superfear their tragic endless lives
Could heave nor sigh
In solemn, perverse serenity 
                             F*    G*
Wonderous beings chained to life

 F        G                         F    G
Strange games they would play then, no death for the perfect men
Ab     Bb                      Am   F        Ab      C
Life rolls into one for them, so softly a supergod cries

Where all were minds in uni-thought
Power wierd by mystics taught
No pain, no joy, no power too great
Colossal stength to grasp a fate
Where sad eyed mermen tossed in slumber
Nightmare dreams no mortal mind could hold
Man would tear his brother's flesh
A chance to die, to turn to mold

Far out in the red sky, far out from the sad eyes
Strange, mad celebration, so softly a supergod cries

Far out in the red sky, far out from the sad eyes
Strange, mad celebration, so softly, a supergod dies

F*: alternate bass notes between F and E
G*: alternate bass notes between G and E

NOTE: From The Man Who Sold the World, 1971, but I figured this out from 
the more acoustic bonus track version on (I think) Hunky Dory.
This is just my best guess- any improvements are welcome.

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About the artist behind The Supermen Chords:

"Ashes to Ashes" is a single by David Bowie, released in 1980. It made #1 in the UK and was the first cut from the Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) album, also a #1 hit. As well as its musical qualities, it is noted for its innovative video, directed by Bowie and David Mallet. Bowie has said that with this song he was "wrapping up the seventies really for myself, and that seemed a good enough epitaph for it".[1]

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