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Tunay Na Ligaya Chords
Title: Tunay Na Ligaya
Artist: Callalily
Album: Fisheye

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        This is the new song of Callalily from their new album      
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Em-Em7/D-CM7 2x Em7/D 2x

Em-Em7                 CM7-Em7
Tayo paglalararuan ng ulan?
Em        Em7      CM7   Em7     Em CM7-Em7
Hanggang kailan tayo maghihintay ng himala?

Tadhana ba ay matatagpuan? 

Em      Em7          CM7    Em7     Em-Em7-CM7-Em7 
Tanging langit lang ang ay may kasagutan.

CM7        D        Em
Ikaw ang pangarap makasama
CM7       D        Em 
Ika ang tunay kong ligaya

Mundo'y tumitigil 
CM7    D     Em-CM7
Pag tayo'y magkayakap
Em            CM7        Em-CM7
At ikaw ang tangi kong pag-asa

Outro: CM7-Em-

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About the artist behind Tunay Na Ligaya Chords:

Callalily is a Filipino pop-rock band, composed of Kean Cipriano (Vocals), Alden Acosta (Lead Guitar), Tatsi Jamnague (Rhythm Guitar), Aaron Ricafrente (Bass) and Lemuel Belaro (Drums).

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