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Bow River Chords
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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:42:56 +1100
From: Russell & Charlie 
To: Olga 
Subject: PRO: c/cold_chisel/bow_river

Song: Bow River
By: Cold Chisel
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards [email protected]

Comment: The chords have been worked out from a bass point-of-view. So
the designation of majors, minors and 7th's may be wrong.

[NC]Listen now to the wind babe
Listen now to the rain
I feel that water lickin' at my feet again
I don't want to see this town no more
Wastin' my days on the factory floor
First thing you know	[live version repeats these lines]
I'll be back in Bow River again	[live version repeats these lines]

[G7] [Am]
Any time you [Am]want babe
You can come [Dm]around
[F]Only six days [Em]separates me
>From the [Am]great top end
I've been workin' [Am]hard
Twelve hours a [Dm]day
And the [F]money I [Em]save
Won't buy my [Am]youth again

I'm going for the [Am]heat wave
And the tropical [Dm]rain
And a [F]place where no man's [Em]
Puttin' on the [Am]dog for me
I'm waitin' on the weekend
Set of brand new [Dm]tyres
I'm [F]back in Bow [F/C]River
[Em]Just where I [Em/B]wanna be[Am]


[Am]Listen now to the wind babe
Listen now to the rain [Am/C] [Am/E]
I feel that water lickin' at my feet again
I [Am]don't wanna [Bm]see this [Cm]town no [Dm]more
[Dm]Too many [Em]years made [Fm]up my [Gm]mind
[Am]To go or [Bm]stay
[Cm]Right to my [Dm]dying [Em]day
I [Am]don't wanna [Cm]see another [Dm]engine [Em]line
[Dm]Too many [Em]years and I [Fm]owe my [Gm]mind
The [F]first set of [F/C]wheels
And [Em]back in Bow [Em/B]River again[Am]

First [F]thing you [F/C]know
I'll be [Em]back in Bow [Em/B]River again[Am]


[Am] [G7] [Am]
[Dm] [C] [Dm]

[F] [Em] [Am]

[Am] [G7] [Am]
[Dm] [C] [Dm]

[F] [Em] [Am]

[Am] [Dm] [F] [Em] [Am]		x 4

I got the motor [Am]runnin'
I got the rest of my [Dm]days
I [F]sold everything I [Em]own
For just a [Am]song
So any time you want babe		(Oh, Oh, Oh)
You can come [Dm]around		(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
But don't [F]leave it too [F/C]late
[Em]You just might [Em/B]find me [Am]gone


I don't [Am]need the [Bm]score
I'm [Cm]goin' through the [Dm]door
I'm [Em]gonna tell the [Fm]man
I don't [Gm]want no [Am]more
[Am]Pick up a [Bm]fast car
And [Cm]burn my [Dm]name in the [Em]road

[Am]One week, [Bm]two week
[Cm]Maybe even [Dm]more
[Dm]I'll piss all the [Em]money
[Fm]Up against the damn [Gm]wall
First [F]thing you [F/C]know			)
I'll be [Em]back in Bow [Em/B]River [Am]again	) x 3

Ascending Am scale

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About the artist behind Bow River Chords:

Cold Chisel are a rock band from Adelaide, Australia. They are regarded as the canonical example of Australian pub rock, with a string of hits throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and they are acknowledged as one of the most popular and successful Australian groups of the period, although this success and acclaim was almost completely restricted to Australia and New Zealand.

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