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Ride On Chords
[1 tab]

Intro: E A    E A     E A   E A

E                  A        E  A
it's another lonley evening

F                B      F  B
in another lonley town

G                      C
but I ain't to young to worry 

B                    F
and I ain't to old to cry

E                   A     E  A
When a woman gets me down.

E                  A     E A
Got another empty bottle 

F                 B    F B
And another empty bed

G                       C
Ain't too young to admit it 

B                      F 
And I'm not too old to lie

E                      A     E A
I'm just another empty head.

[1 tab]
That's why I'm lonely

I'm so lonely

But I know what I'm gonna do -

         B    F
I'm gonna ride on

A     E
Ride on

Standing on the edge of the road

A   E
Ride on

Thumb in the air

C    G
Ride on

B    F
Ride on

One of these days

          A E
I'm gonna      change my evil ways

Till then I'll just keep riding on.

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