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Buddy Holly Chords
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From: [email protected] (Mark P. Trepanier)
Subject: CRD/LYR: Buddy Holly....Weezer

Here is a cool song my nephew wanted me to help him with. I only heard this
a couple of times, so I did not get the 2nd bridge part down, maybe one of 
you guys can finish it off! It's a start.  PLAY IT LOUD!!! Best...Mark      

                            Buddy Holly
Verse [1]
F#                               G# A     
What's with these homies dissin' my girl
Why do they gotta front
F#                           G# A  
What did we ever do to these guys
That they get so violent

D                 C#m       F#  
Ooh Ooh, But you know I'm yours
D                 C#m        F#    
Ooh Ooh, And you know you're mine
D                  Dm                            
Ooh Ooh, That's why I-I do... ??  (tough line to understand) 

A                    D              E
Ooh Wee Ooh, I look just like Buddy Holly
A                 D         E
Uh oh, and your Mary Tyler Moore
F#                     D E A
I don't care what they say about us anyway,
A     D     E        A
I don't care about that

Bridge [1]
Play F# G# slide A  under Riff#1
Riff[1] (maybe a synth, but sounds good on the guitar)

E ---------------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------------------------------
G ------------13-11--------------------------13-11---------------
D --11hp12-11-------12p-11-9-11----11hp12-11--------12-11--------
A --------------------------------------------------------12-12--
E ---------------------------------------------------------------

Verse [2]
F#                                  G# A
Don't you live up here, I'm always near 
I know that you'll be there
F#                                         G# A
You're tongue is twisted, You're eyes are slit
You need a guardian

Play  Pre-chorus & Chorus Again

Bridge [2] (This is the part I didn't get yet that needs work)
It's mostly just A E F# E  with a litte run...  (the trick is to barre the 
F#, and let the E openby letting up your index finger. When I get a chance I 
will fix it, unless someone gets to it 1st!

Bam Bam, knock on the door

Better stay back, get down on the floor

Oh no, what do we do

Don't look down but I lost my shoe

I can't run and I can't kick

What's the matter babe I'm feelin' sick

Whats-A-matter, whats-A-matter, whats-A-matter, You

Whats-a-matter, Babe I'm feelin' blue


Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 19:40:50 -0500
From: [email protected] (Walter O. Bruning M.D.)


        This is a great song by weezer and here is a short simple way to
play it! Have fun!




Funky end part!

        That is basically the whole song w/out  the solo. If you want the
solo e-mail me and I will give it to you. Hope you had fun with it.

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About the artist behind Buddy Holly Chords:

Weezer (IPA: /ˈwizɚ/) is a Grammy nominated American rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1992 by Rivers Cuomo (lead vocals, guitar), Patrick Wilson (drums, backing vocals), Matt Sharp (bass, backing vocals), and Jason Cropper (guitar, backing vocals), with the last two replaced by Mikey Welsh and Brian Bell, respectively. Mikey Welsh was later replaced with Scott Shriner.[1] They have released six full-length albums, three EPs, and a DVD; the first album was later re-released as a remastered deluxe edition in 2004. Weezer recently released their sixth album on June 3, 2008. They have sold more than 7 million records to date in the US.[2]

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