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Start All Over Chords
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Date: 10/22/96; 5:05:04 PM
From: [email protected] (Skippy)
Subject: Where Do I Go To Start All Over

Where Do I Go To Start All Over -- Wade Hayes
Transcribed by: Skip (Damn Skippy) [email protected]

Verse 1
	D                              G
	I drove around last night, and tried with all my might
	             D                             A
	To leave the past behind, cause you stayed on my mind
	   D                        G
	So I stopped for a drink, I never stopped to think
	        D                      A
	That it wouldn't work, It just made it worse
	   G                      A
	So I came on back home, I hadn't changed a thing
	    G                           A
	And sat here all alone, missing you and wondering

	D                          G
	Where do I go to start all over
	When theres no place to hide
	Bm             A
	From your memory
	D                          G
	Where do I go to start all over
	D            Bm      A             D
	When in your arms is where I won't be

Verse 2
	D                                      G
	I'd take some things and leave, If the change of scenery
              D                      A
	Would do me any good, Like I know it should
	D                              G
	I'd still be missing you, What goods a different view
	     D                  A
	To a broken heart, We'd still be apart
	    G                         A
	Someday I'll find the answer, To this mystery
	      G                                 A
	But tonight the same old question, Just keeps on haunting me


	D                          G
	Where do I go to start all over
	D            Bm      A             D
	When in your arms is where I won't be

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About the artist behind Start All Over Chords:

Wade Hayes (born Tony Wade Hayes, April 20, 1969 in Bethel Acres, Oklahoma)[1] is an American country music singer-songwriter and guitarist. Signed to Columbia Records in 1994, he made his debut that year with his album Old Enough to Know Better. Its title track, which served as his debut single, reached Number One on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts.[1]

Although Hayes never topped the country music charts afterward, his momentum continued through his second album, 1996's On a Good Night. When the Wrong One Loves You Right, his third album, saw a decline in his chart success, and by 2000, he had shifted to the Monument roster, where he released Highways & Heartaches, his final solo album; this album produced no Top 40 country hits, however, and he exited the label after its release.

In 2003, he paired up with Mark McClurg, then a member of Alan Jackson's road band, to form a short-lived duo called McHayes, which charted one single on the country charts and recorded one unreleased album for the Universal South label.

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