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Out Of Space Chords
Chorus 2x

E                         D
ich seh die welt die sich dreht
und schau verkehrt rum durchs teleskop
        C                E
ich bin weit weg out of space

E                      D
Mir is egal wie's euch geht
ich brauch kein funk und kein telefon
        C                E
ich bin weit weg out of space

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About the artist behind Out Of Space Chords:

Clueso (pronounced [klyˈzo]; born April 9, 1980 as Thomas Hübner in Erfurt) is a German singer, rapper, songwriter and producer.

Clueso, named after Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther, started making music in 1995. In 1998 he got to know his future manager Andreas Welskop and canceled his apprenticeship training in hairdressing. His first vinyl Clüsolo was released on BMG Ufa the same year. In 1999 he moved to the 10vor10-Studios in Köln with Welskop. A year later he signed a label contract at Four Music and released Text und Ton in 2001. Around that time he performed with Curfew at the MTV HipHop Open in Stuttgart and at Beats for Life in Köln.

In 2002, Clueso moved back to Erfurt and recorded the Rowdy-Club-Tape 2002. One year later, he started producing his second album Gute Musik, which translates to "good music"(featuring Blumentopf, Steer M, Tilmann Jarmer, Delhia, Tim Neuhaus and Jürgen Kerth), which will be finished by 2004. It does not contain any English tracks and concentrates on singing rather than rapping. In 2005, Clueso represented Thuringia with the song Kein Bock zu geh'n at the Bundesvision Song Contest. The same year he was the partner of Start Ab, the 'biggest non-commercial remix contest in Europe'. Three years later, he once again represented Thuringia in the Bundesvision Song Contest with his latest single, Keinen Zentimeter and finished second to Brandenburg.

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