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Time Flies Tab
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 Vaya Con Dios : Time Flies


    N.C    Em                            Bm
It's been such a funny day, I don't know why

Em                                          Bm
Walking on an endless lane, life passing me by

   C                                      Em
Tomorrow is calling, but I'm dragging my feet

    C                                                Em
The skies are indecently clear but I can't stand the heat

Em                                       Bm
Sleepwalking in a haze, stumbling like a child

Em                                           Bm
Dragons that I used to chase, tease me from inside

     C                                  Em
The future's uncertain, just like yesterday

 C                                   Em
Memories of heaven, can't be taken away.

        G   D     C             G            D              C
You know, time flies, and the rebels, one day, they all go quiet

          Em             D             G         A        Em
Ain't no money, ain't nobody, that can buy you a peace of mind

          Em             D             G         A        Bm
Ain't no money, ain't nobody, that can buy you a peace of mind


| Em  | Bm  | Em  | Bm  | C   | Em  | C   | Em  |

           Em                                Bm
The say you learn from your mistakes, it's a lie

        Em                              Bm
My redemption has been staged, numerous times

         C                                       Em
but the angels of passion, still taunt me in my sleep

          C                                         Em
They keep throwing petals and thorns, underneath my feet.

You know, time flies ...

Outro:       slow down                                     (.)

(.) - Fermate , that means hold the chord and let it ring some seconds

Transcribed 3-93 by Michael Bauer

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About the artist behind Time Flies Tab:

Vaya Con Dios is a Belgian musical group founded in 1986 by Dani Klein, Dirk Schoufs, and Willy Lambregt (the latter subsequently replaced by Jean-Michel Gielen). Their name is Spanish for "Go with God".

They had some international success with the songs "Just a Friend of Mine" (a hit in France), "What's a Woman?" (a number 1 hit in the Netherlands in 1990), "Nah Neh Nah", "Don't Cry for Louie", "Puerto Rico", "Heading for a Fall", "Johnny", and "Don't Break My Heart".

In total, Vaya Con Dios have sold more than 7 million albums and more than 3 million singles.[1]

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