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Ordinary Day Chords

C/E  - 0102xx
F2   - 1103xx
Gsus  - 3100x3
Am    - 01220x
F5    - xxx331
C/G   - 0102x3
Fmaj7 - 0123xx
Am7   - 01030x
C     - 01023x
Dm7   - 1120xx
G/D   - 3340xx
G/B   - 33002x
F     - 1123xx
G/7F  - 1000x1
C5    - xx553x

Verses I, II, and III:

C/E        F2          Gsus             C/E         F2        Gsus
   Just a day, just an     ordinary day.   Just trying to get by.

C/E       F2         Gsus                  C/E       F2        Gsus    
   Just a boy just an     ordinary boy, but  he was looking to   the sky

C/E    F2     Gsus      Am         C/E      F5     C/G   Gsus
  As he asked if I would come along I started to realize

C/E          F2         Gsus         Am
  That everyday he findsjust what he's looking for

C/E       F2          Gsus
  Like a shooting star he shines and he said..


C/E     Fmaj7     Gsus
    Take       my      hand

C/E     Fmaj7     Gsus
    Live     while    you can

C/E       F2      Gsus       Am     C/E    F2      Gsus 
 DOn't you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand?

C/E  F5  Gsus 
C/E  F5  Gsus

Verse II

C Dm7 C/E Fmaj7 x 4


C      G/D  G/B  C      Dm7  F  C/E
Please come with me see what I see

C     Dm7  G/B   C        G/D  G/B   C
Touch the stars for time will not   flee

      G/D  G7/F C/E   C     G/D  G/B
Time will not   flee can't you  see?

Verse III


C Dm7 C/E Fmaj7 x 3

Just a day just an ordinary day just trying to get by

C/E      F2        Gsus
 just a boy just an ordinary boy

C/E          F5       C/G     Gsus      C5
 but he was looking to    the sky


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About the artist behind Ordinary Day Chords:

Vanessa Lee Carlton (born August 16, 1980) is an American soft rock/Piano pop singer, songwriter, and pianist best known for the Billboard top five, Grammy-nominated single "A Thousand Miles" from her debut album, Be Not Nobody which was released April 30, 2002, and certified platinum in the U.S.

Carlton's second album, Harmonium (released November 9, 2004), debuted at number thirty-three on the U.S. Billboard 200[1] and had sold 179,000 copies as of February 2006,[2] with the single "White Houses, peaking at eighty-six in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.[3] She subsequently parted company from her record label A&M, though she still holds a dedicated fanbase.

Her third album, Heroes and Thieves, was released on October 9, 2007 by the The Inc./Universal Motown record labels.[4]

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