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Mr Maker Chords
			     The Kooks - Mr.Maker
 This song will be on their upcoming album Konk.

A, G, F#m, Em (that is that really quick change part that happens throughout the
song, just concentrate on playing the bass 

notes in those chords rather than strumming and it will sound fine) 
D, Bm, F#m, A, G, F#m, Em x 2

Verse 1

D             Bm
Mr Maker he's got it made

F#m                    A  G   F#m Em
A beautiful wife and a baby on the way

D                    Bm
And his bills are already paid

F#m                    A  G   F#m Em
No need to skimp no need to save

D                  Bm
But all around him the world grows hard

F#m                               A  G   F#m Em
He thinks to himself he must have played a lucky card

D                    Bm
If he was alone he'd give it all away

F#m                  A  G   F#m Em
To people and things he wanted to say

        Em         A
But oh no it's all right

D         Dmaj9     Bm
Mr Maker he'll be fine

     Em         A
It alright it's ok

DDmaj9         Bm
Because of the love he gave away

Em      A       A7
Oh yeah oh yeah


Verse 2


Em              A
Heart beat stay heavy

Em                  A              A7       D   Bm
Love us all please, Stay on your feet for me

F#m     A          G       F#m        Em      D   Bm
For me, Stay on your feet for me

F#m     A          G       F#m        Em      D   Bm
For me, Stay on your feet for me

For the acoustic part after the last line play: 
D, Bm, F#m, A, G, F#m, Em then end on D

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About the artist behind Mr Maker Chords:

The Kooks (pronounced /kuːks/) are an indie rock band based in the United Kingdom. The band was formed in Brighton, England, in 2004, and currently consists of guitarist and lead vocalist Luke Pritchard, lead guitarist and back up vocalist Hugh Harris, drummer Paul Garred and temporary bassist Dan Logan, who replaced Max Rafferty in 2008. They have released two studio albums, both achieved commendable success on the UK Albums Chart, with their 2006 debut album Inside In/Inside Out peaking at #2, and their 2008 follow up Konk peaking at #1.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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