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Back For Good Chords

D      x00232
G      320033
Em7    022033
Bm     x24432
Bm/A   x04432
A7     x02020
A7sus4 x04030
Em/G   x05050

D / Em7 / G /{D A}
          (OR Asus4 and then resolve to A)

To really get the right 'feel' for the strumming pattern, try delaying the down-strum 
which gives an arpeggio effect - like done in the original.

  D     Em7           G D                D  
   I guess now it's time for me to give up
                 G    A7 > A7sus4 > Em/G
   I feel it's time
          D 		   Em7
   Got a picture of you beside me
          G                  A
   Got a lipstick mark still on
                D    Em7
   Your coffee cup
       G     A
   Oh yeah
          D             Em7
   Got a fist of pure emotion
          G                  A
   Got a head of shattered dreams
          Bm              Bm/A
   Gotta leave it, gotta leave it
          G         A
   All behind now

    	    D                Em7
	Whatever I said, whatever I did I
	Didn't mean it
	        A                 D
	I just want you back for good
                      Em7             G                  A
	Want you back, want you back, want you back for good
            D                   Em7
        Whatever I'm wrong just tell me
        The song and I'll sing it
                   A               D
        You'll be right and understood
                      Em7            G                     A
        Want you back, want you back, I want you back for good

  D      Em7         G     A
   Unaware but underlined
                        D         Em7
   I figured out the story (no, no)
                G          A7 > A7sus4 > Em/G
   It wasn't good (no, no)
               D            Em7     G
   But in the corner of my mind
  A                D    Em7
   I celebrated glory
             G           A
   But that was not to be
            D           Em7
   In the twist of separation
         G                  A
   You excelled at being free
   Can't you find, (can't you find)
             Bm/A           G     A
   A little room inside for me


  G7               D/F#   G7                D/F#
   And we'll be together, this time is forever
  Em                        D/F#
   We'll be fighting and forever we will be
           Bm         Bm/A
   So complete in our love
            G7        D/F#        A     A7 > 
> Em/G
   We will never be uncovered again


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About the artist behind Back For Good Chords:

Take That are an English pop boy band consisting of members Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen, and Robbie Williams. After seeing major success in the early to mid 1990s as a five person act, a reformed four man version of the band achieved new success in the mid-2000s without Williams. Formed by Nigel Martin Smith in Manchester in 1990, Take That sold more than 30 million records between 1991-1996. Between the band's first single release in 1991 and their breakup in 1996, the BBC described Take That as "the most successful British band since The Beatles in the UK, beloved of young and old alike". Take That's dance-oriented pop tunes and soulful ballads dominated the UK charts in the first half of the 1990s, spawning two of the best selling albums of the decade with Everything Changes (which was nominated for the 1994 Mercury Prize[1]) and Greatest Hits 1996, and according to All Music Guide, "at this time were giant superstars in Europe with the main question about them not being about whether they could get a hit single, but how many and which would make it to number one".

The band split up in 1996, but after a 2005 documentary and the release of a greatest hits album, they officially announced a 2006 reunion tour around the United Kingdom, entitled The Ultimate Tour. On May 9, 2006, it was announced that Take That were set to record their first studio album Beautiful World in over 10 years. They then went onto produce another sellout tour in 2007, The Beautiful World Tour, which garnered positive reviews from critics, and is to date their highest selling tour.

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