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Anthology Acoustic
Standard capo on 4th

What Dustin plays, will update with all verse lyrics with chords eventually.

Verse - E, Esus4 (022200), A (also used throughout the song)
Chorus - C# (x4665x), A (5776xx) (power chords are used here + in the bridge)
Bridge - G#(466xxx), A(5776xx), C# (x4665x)


Our lives built on tin cans and string
E                  Esus
But the cornerstone laid is a wondrous and beautiful thing
        E                     Esus                   A
Sure in the ground
                   E    Esus
While the North wind is taking it's toll
E                       Esus
You have helped me to find my way back and to anchor my soul
         E                        Esus                  A
Safe in the sound
                  E    Esus


Oh you know me
   Oh and I know you
A                   E    Esus
   And I know that
   We can see this through
A                          (Transition using A into next verse)


I'm brack and baring my bones
Said if we heard the howling
I'd run out to face it alone
To meet it half way

But I've still got badges to earn
So keep sifting my soul
Cause I think that I'm starting to learn
To love you that way

Chorus (transition into bridge with E > Esus rather than A at end of chorus)


It's true that you could snap my neck
G#                         A       C#
I trust you'll save my life instead
G#                     A (into normal chord from power chord)


Cause our love is a loyalty sworn
If we hold to our hope
Then I know we can weather the storm
Whatever they say
Come what may

Chorus (end on E rather than Esus)

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About the artist behind Anthology Acoustic:

Thrice is an American band from Irvine, California. The group was founded in 1998 by guitarist/vocalist Dustin Kensrue and guitarist Teppei Teranishi while they were in high school.[1]

Early in their career, the band was known for their "powerful, driving beats and buzz-saw riffs,"[2] mainly due to the release of their second LP, The Illusion of Safety (2002). Thrice released their third album The Artist in the Ambulance in 2003, showing off their musicianship by intricating music stylings such as complex time signatures as shown in "Silhouette."[3] Their fourth album Vheissu (2005) was portrayed by many critics as being experimentally unique, using non-conventional Thrice elements in the process;[4][5] it introduced a new sound to the band's post-hardcore roots. Following this was The Alchemy Index (2007), which only furthered Thrice's reputation as illustrious musicians and songwriters.[6]

Throughout the band's career, they have been known to donate proceeds from album sales to charitable or non-profit organizations.[7][8]

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