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Did You Mean It
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Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 17:17:47 EST
From: Caedmon333 
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Did You Mean It
By: Third Day
Written By: Mac Powell and Mark Lee
From: [email protected]
Copyright1995 Class reunion Music/Little man Big man music/gray Dot
songs, a division of gray Dot

I really like this intro. I think I've got it correct here, but, if any
of you know a better way to play it, I would like to know.


G-7-5-4-5      Do this twice, then........

That's it.

There was a time in your life, when you wanted the pain to leave.
There were tears in your eyes, you were down on your knees.
         C5                       B5-A5-G5
Askin' forgiveness, said you'd do anything.
(play intro)
But did you mean it?

Now do the same thing from the top. Then....

       G                                  D
Well I know you know the difference, between a promise and a Lie.
      G                                   D      
And I hope you know the difference, Between what is wrong and right.
       G                                    D
And I know you say you gave it all to, Jesus Christ, Told Him that
C5                 B5-A5-G5
Someday said you'd do anything.
But did you mean it?

Same as chorus.

That's it, enjoy.

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About the artist behind Did You Mean It:

Third Day is a CCM band formed in Marietta, Georgia during the 1990s. The band was founded by lead singer Mac Powell and guitarist Mark Lee. The other band members are Tai Anderson (bass), and David Carr (drums). The band's name is a reference to the biblical account of Jesus rising from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion.

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