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Hands In The Sky Big Shot Tab (ver 2) - Straylight Run

Hands In The Sky Big Shot Tab
Alright so I was going through a few tabs, and I found a version of Hands In The Sky
(Big Shot) by Straylight Run, and I thought, "This is the harder way to play this song."
 The way I play it is much more simple and a bit more accurate. If you play it with the
song, you'll know why.

Standard Tuning.

Main riff:
This main riff I can hear a light tremolo.  I'm pretty sure you can hear it too.  

Although the main riff in all the other tabs were a bit inaccurate, I give them props
for even tabbing this song.  I swear, I thought that was piano in the beginning.  The
part where the guy starts yelling is accurate enough.  I can't really tell if it's
exactly correct because the yelling and drums get pretty intense.

2nd riff: "Big shot screaming 'Put your hands in the sky...'" part

Use more tremolo than the main riff.

If you have any comments, feel free to contact me at [email protected]  


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About the artist behind Hands In The Sky Big Shot Tab:

Straylight Run are an indie band based in Baldwin, Nassau County, Long Island, New York. They are currently unsigned after being dropped from Universal Republic Records East. Their latest release is the full-length album entitled The Needles The Space.

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