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Super Beaver - Rashisa
Guitar Chord
(it's my first time doing this, please tell me/submit a new version if there's mistake(s) ^^ )

Intro : F  G  Am  Em (3x)
        F  G

Verse : C          \
        G  G# Am    -(2x)
        F  G       /

PreCh : F   G  Am  Em
        F   G  Am  C
        F   G  C-B-Am-G
        Dm  Em  F  G

Ch    : C
        G  G#  Am
        G  C
        F  G   Em  Am
        F  Em  Dm  G
        F  C   G   Am
        F  C   G-G#-Am
        F  Em  Dm

AftrCh: e|---------------------------------|
        B|----1-------1-------1-------1----| Repeat ?x 

        F  Em  Am  G (5x)
        Dm Em  F  G
        C~ C'C~ C//     (just play C chord)
        Em-F-F#-G-G   (idk what chord between F to G)

        (play Ch again once)

Outro : F  Em  Dm  C (2x)
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