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Walking My Baby Back Home
Cmaj7     X-3-2-0-0-0
Em7       0-2-0-0-0-0
Bb7       X-1-3-1-3-1
A7        X-0-2-0-2-0
Am7       X-0-2-0-1-0
D7sus2/C  X-3-2-2-3-X(suggested closing chord)

C Am Cmaj7 Am (x2)

[Verse 1]
C            Am          Cmaj7        Am
Gee ain't it great after staying out late
C          Am        Bb7  A7
Walking my baby back home    
Dm     A7        Dm        G7
Arm in arm over meadow and farm
Dm         G7        C   G
Walking my baby back home

[Verse 2]
C         Am    Cmaj7         Am
We stroll along harmonizing a song
C         Am        Bb7  A7
Or she?s reciting a poem
Dm      A7          Dm          G7        
Owls go by and they give me the eye
Dm         G7        C  B7
Walking my baby back home

[Chorus 1]
    Em7                  A7                             
We stop for a while, she gives me a smile
    Am7                     B7
And snuggles her head to my chest 
    Em7              A7                               
We start to pet and that's when I get
Am7            D7      G7      
Her powder all over my vest

[Verse 3]
C       Am               Cmaj7         Am
After a while I sort of straighten my tie
C          Am        Bb7  A7
She asks to borrow my comb
Dm       A7          Dm       G7     
One kiss then it's a pleasure again
 Dm          G7       C  B7
Walking my baby back home

[Chorus 2]
      Em7                    A7
She's afraid of the dark, so I have to park
Am7                           B7
Outside of her door 'til it's light
     Em7              A7
She says if I try, to kiss her she'll cry
Am7             D7              G7
I dry her tears all through the night

[Verse 4]
C        Am        Cmaj7    Am
Hand in hand, to a barbeque stand
C              Am         Bb7  A7
Right from her doorway we roam
Dm      A7           Dm       G7
Eat and then, it's a pleasure again
Dm         G7    Em7        A7
Walking my baby, talking my baby
Dm         G7     Em7        A7
Lonin' my baby, I don't mean maybe
Dm         G7     C        Am  Cmaj7 Am  C  Am  C (mute) D7sus2/C (X-3-2-2-3-X)(hold)
Walking my baby - back home
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About the artist behind Walking My Baby Back Home:

Nathaniel Adams Coles (March 17, 1919 – February 15, 1965), known professionally as Nat King Cole, was a popular American jazz singer-songwriter and pianist.

Cole first came to prominence as a leading jazz pianist, then switched his emphasis to singing, becoming one of the most popular and best known vocalists of all time.[citation needed]

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