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My Country
Nahko and Medicine for the People - My Country

If you don't understand the "slash" chords you can just play the chord of the first letter.
eg for D/F# just play a D chord. The intro is optional, it is a spoken word sample, the location of
the G chord is where the guitar fades in.

We feel that racism and sexism and class seperation
That these are desecrations
And we feel that the american flag does not represent
Integrity, honor, justice or truth

[Verse 1]
G           D/F#
My country 'tis of thee
Em            C/G
Sweet land of poverty
G     D/F#   G
  For thee I weep

  Land where my mother cried
  Land where my father died
Em               C/G
  Sweet land of genocide
G       D/F#   G        G
  Pride of my  heart

[Verse 2]
G            D/F#
 My country 'tis of thee
Em            C/G
Sweet land of industry
G      D/F#       G
 We'll break your back

 Clean out your minerals
 Fill you with chemicals
Em                    C/G
  We kill for what is profitable
G   D/F#     G         G
 Oh concrete world

[Verse 3]
G             D/F#
 Our climate's suffering
Em            C/G
   All nature feels the sting
G      D/F#   G
  Poisoned    progress

 All of these mouths to feed
  All of this land to seed
Em            C/G
  From sea to shining sea
G      D/F#    G         G
  Gold under - ground

[Verse 4]
G            D/F#
  Our people left to die
Em            C/G
  Battlefield country-side
G       D/F#    G
  Paved-over    graves

G                         D/F#
 Suburban privileges make      desolate villages
Em                        C/G
  Broken treaties, Broken promises
G     D/F#  G        G
  Conquer,  repeat

[Verse 5]
G              D/F#
  All warriors represent
Em             C/G
  Remind those who forget
G     D/F#    G
  The time is now
  To walk in humble pride
  Prepare and fortify
Em                   C/G
  Resist comforts of compromise

G      D/F#     G
  Pray for guidance
G      D/F#     G
  Pray for guidance
G      D/F#     G      G
  Pray for guidance
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