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Bm D G D
Bm D G D

Bm                  D
I went out late one night,
 D                               G
The moon and stars were shining Bright
G                                     D
A storm come up and the trees come down,
D                             Bm
I tell you boys I was waterbound

[Verse 2]
Bm                           D
Waterbound on a stranger's shore
D                    G
River rising to my door
G                             D
Carried my home to the field below
D                            Bm
I'm waterbound, nowhere to go.

*listen for the timing here.  The Bm from the last line in the verse starts the solo changes.
Bm D G D
Bm D G D

[Verse 3]
Bm                           D
Carved my name on an old barn wall
D                                  G
Or no-one would know I was there at all
G                            D
Stable's dry on a winter's night
D                                    Bm
If you turn your head you can see the light

[Verse 4]
Bm                            D
Black cat crawling on an old box car
D                              G
A rusty door and a falling star
G                             D
Ain't got a dime in my nation sack
D                               Bm
I'm waterbound and I can't get back

*same as first solo w/timing
Bm D G D
Bm D G D

[Verse 5] 
Bm                              D
It's I'm going and I won't be back
D                                G
If you don't believe me count my tracks
G                                D
the river's long and the river's wide
D                                 Bm
I'll meet you boys on the other side

[Verse 6]
Bm                              D
So say my name and don't forget
D                               G
the water still ain't got me yet
G                              D
Ain't nothing but I'm bound to roam
D                                Bm
I'm waterbound and I can't get home

Bm D G D
Bm D G D
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