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Kate Mccannon
Kate McCannon - Colter Wall
Standard Tuning - Capo 1

[Verse 1]
Well the raven is a wicked bird
    G                  Am
His wings are black as sin
And he floats outside my prison window
G                 Am
Mocking those within
       C                Dm 
And he sings to me real low
     G                 C G C
It's hell to where you go
    Am                          G Am
For you did murder Kate McCannon

[Instrumental Break]
Am G Am Am G Am

[Verse 2]
When I first met TomMcCannon
      G              Am
I was working in the mines
Said he had himself a dark haired daughter
     G           Am
With long, green eyes
     C             Dm
When she and I did meet
        G              C G C
She was bathing in the creek
Prettiest girl in the whole damn holler
That ain't no lie

[Instrumental Break]
Am G Am Am G Am

[Verse 3]
Am                                 G Am
So I went a courtin' Kate McCannon
Am                                 G Am
Got me a job and I quit my ramblin'
    C             Dm
And every day I'd save
  G             C G C
A quarter of my pay
Am                         G Am
I could buy a diamond ring

[Verse 4]
Am                                  G Am
Lord and one day I come home to find
Am                           G Am
My darlin' angel's not inside
   C              Dm
So I made for the creek
      G             C G C
Where she and I did meet
    Am                              G Am
And found her with some other lover...

[Instrumental Break]
Am Am Am Am

Am                                          G Am
And I put three rounds into Kate McCannon...

Am G Am Am G Am C Dm G C G C Am G Am
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