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Capo 2nd fret

Intro D C G D C G

D             C     G D             C           G 
I was born in poverty but when I was about nineteen
D                      C      G    C                 G
I wrote a song called 'Kiss Me', and soon it was pay day
D                    C     G    D                    C        G
A terraced house in the country, I thought that would do for me
D                    C     G      C                G 
It seemed to be the lilac time, but when the lilac died
        C                 G     C                G          D 
I went back to town and cried, I need someone who'll always love me

D                  C     G  D            C        G 
The day after someone dies, you wake a little less alive
D                      C     G     C              G
Why do the wicked seem to survive, Eucharist in song
D                 C     C  D                C         G  
We're a little more alone, moments that they'd never know
D                   C       G     C               G
They'll never see my happy home, you see them every day
        C              G             C        G          D
I know you want to say you won't forget, we'll always love you

Em                                        D
When you're young and you fall down you're trying
Em                                        D
When you're old and you fall down you're dead
  Am7           Dm                     
I am in between there and never been
F               A
Anywhere or sincere with anyone that I held dear

D                C      G     D          C             G   
Checking in around twilight, the hotel readies for the night
D                  C       G      C                 G
I run a bath and pack some books, which we will embrace
D                  C      G     D          C            G  
Told me that your father died, when you buried him you cried
D                   C         G        C                G
You're sorry and you are surprised, he died and you were born
     C                  G    C                  G          D
So you don't have to mourn, live your life, I'll always love you
      C         G     D  C G       D C  G      D  C   G   
Love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you

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