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Whiskey Willy
Whiskey Willy ~ Michael Hurley
from "Down in Dublin"

             D         A                D         D7
You'd better stop that drinkin' Whiskey Willy
            G                            D
'Cause your hands are shakin' and you're walkin' like a wreck,
     G                            D            Em
Your heart is breakin' and you're lookin' like heck
       D         A                  D
Better tell that gal you've let her go

           D           A            D         D7
I seen ol' Whiskey ol' Willy in the barroom
         G                 D
With his eyes a'shinin' at all the pretty maids
G                    D              Em
They run away 'cause they was all afraid
         D            A                         D
That ol' wild Whiskey Willy would bring 'em all harm


           D            A              D         D7
I seen ol' Whiskey, ol' Willy with his woman
          G                      D
She could drink more liquor than ninety-two men
    G                       D               Em
She called him a lover, she called him a friend
         D            A            D
Left ol' wild Whiskey Willy in the barroom


           D            A                 D         D7
I seen ol' Whiskey, ol' Willy down at the AA
       G                            D
He was swillin' that coffee, here's what he had to say:
   G                            D            Em
"I closed up the barn door, the horses got away."
           D    A            D
I seen ol' wild Willy at the AA

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