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Enter Sandman
Music and lyrics copyright Metallica. For personal, noncommercial use only.

1) Strum pattern of verses follows the sung lyrics.
2) Am7 in "one eye open" is the two-finger version--same as Am but lift ring finger on "-pen" syllable.
3) On the instrumental bridge and outro: Between the Em and Am chords, pluck the two non-open notes--
   the low D and low A strings--of the Em chord before going to Am. You can actually hit any two notes
   of the Em chord, as long as the first one is higher.
   It's just an easier version of the intro, since this is for novices.
4) In the verses, damp the strings for all chords except the final G, which you strum a few times.


In Em chord position: Open low E string, D string, G string, D string , open low A, D string.
then low E again. (x3)
Then use ring finger rapidly on/off low E string to finish riff. (Pluck or hammer-on.)

[Pause for emphasis/suspense.)


Em                       Am
Say your prayers, little one

Am                Em
Don't forget, my son

Em                G 
To include everyone  

Em                  Am            
I tuck you in, warm within

Am             Em 
Keep you free from sin

Em                    G 
Till the Sandman, he comes


Am                         Am7
Sleep with one eye o-       pen

(Now strum the D downward twice hard and mute it)

D   (x2)

Gripping your pillow tight


Em                 G                  Em   
Ex-             it                    light

(Optional: Sounds cool if you pluck the open low E repeatedly to fill here)

Em                 G                D   
En-           ter                 night

Em              G                   G
Take             my                    hand

Em                       N.C.
    Off                         to Never-Never Land


Em  Am 
Em  Am 
Em  Am 
G  Em


Em            Am
Something's wrong, shut the light

Am           Em
Heavy thoughts to-   night

Em        G 
And they aren't Snow White

Em                       Am 
Dreams of war, dreams of lies

Am                Em 
Dreams of dragon's fire

Em                    G 
And of things that will bite


Am                  Am7
Sleep with one eye o-pen

(hard strike twice, then mute before singing:)

Gripping your pillow tight


Em    G                Em   
Ex-    it                light

[Optional: Sounds cool if you hit the low E repeatedly to fill here]

Em              G               D   

En-             ter                    night

Em           G          G 
Take       my         hand

Em   N.C.
Off           to Never-Never Land       


Em  Am 
Em  Am 
Em  Am 
G  Em


(Softly strum over lyrics, spoken menacingly:)

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

If I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take


Em                 A 
Hush, little baby; don't say a word

Em                 A 
And never mind that noise you heard

Em                 A 
It's just the beasts under your bed

 A                       C (sustain)
In your closet, in your head


Em              G                      Em   
Ex-             it                      light

[Optional: Pluck open low E x7]

Em   G D   
Enter                       night

Em   G    
Take my         hand
Em                  N.C.
Off           to Never-Never Land


Em  Am 
Em  Am 
Em  Am 
G  Em

(End song on hard downward strum of the Em.)

(Now let loose an evil laugh. Children will cry, mommies will glare at you,
young ladies will fan themselves...
Your work here is done.)

Music and lyrics copyright Metallica. For personal, noncommercial use only.
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About the artist behind Enter Sandman:

Metallica is an American heavy metal band that formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. Founded when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper, Metallica's original line-up consisted of Ulrich, rhythm guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, and bassist Ron McGovney. McGovney and Mustaine were later ejected from the band, in favor of Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett, respectively. The ejection of Mustaine resulted in a feud between him and Metallica. In September 1986, Metallica's tour bus skidded out of control and flipped, which resulted in Burton being crushed under the bus and killed. Jason Newsted replaced him less than two months later. Newsted left the band in 2001 and was replaced by Robert Trujillo in 2003.

Metallica's early releases included fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship that placed them as one of the "Big Four" of the thrash metal subgenre alongside Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. The band earned a growing fan base in the underground music community, and some critics say the 1986 release Master of Puppets is one of the most influential and "heavy" thrash metal albums. The band achieved substantial commercial success with its self-titled 1991 album Metallica, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Some critics and fans believed the band changed its musical direction to appeal to the mainstream audience. With the release of Load in 1996, Metallica distanced itself from earlier releases in what has been described as "an almost alternative [rock] approach", and the band faced accusations of "selling out."

In 2000, Metallica was among several artists who filed a lawsuit against Napster for sharing the band's copyright-protected material for free without the band members' consent. A settlement was reached, and Napster became a pay-to-use service. Despite reaching number one on the Billboard 200, the release of St. Anger in 2003 disappointed some critics and fans with the exclusion of guitar solos, and the "steel-sounding" snare drum. A film titled Some Kind of Monster documented the recording process of St. Anger.

Metallica has released eight studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, nine videos, and is working on a ninth studio album. The band has become one of the most commercially successful and influential heavy metal acts. With over 95 million records sold worldwide, including 57 million in the United States, the band has won seven Grammy Awards, and has had four albums peak at number one on the Billboard 200.[1] The band's 1991 album Metallica, has sold over 15 million copies, which makes it the 25th highest selling album in the United States.[2]

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