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When You Know
                             Matt Epp and The Amorian Assembly feat. Serena Ryder
                                                      "When You Know"

Tabbed by: Paul
E-mail: [email protected]

Tuning: Standard with Capo on 2nd fret

I am quite sure that similar or the same chords continue throughout the song but I 
am not %100. Here is a start! 
Anyone who thinks they can figure more out or knows more than I do email me or say 
so in the comments! 
This is my first tab so make sure you give me lots of constructive criticisms  :-)

(Yes I know that F, A and G are not the correct chord names I just don't remember 
the exact variation names.)

F-              A-             G-

E x             E x             E 3
A 0             A 0             A 2
D 3             D 2             D 0
G 2             G 0             G 0
B 1             B 1             B 1
E 3             E 3             E 3


Intro    F     A     G x 2

Verse 1

F                                    A                                        G
Rain man, rain man going insane man everything is different when you know

Change man change man never be the same man everything is different when you know

When you know  Ooooooh

You'll know Oooooooh


Suddenly your feet are on the ground, you'll see your eyes are open

You find that you've been found, you'll laugh but you're not joking

Everything that you do .. Hey man Is leading the way to the truth, the truth, the truth

Everything, everything leads to the truth

Verse 2

Free man chain man never with wings man everything is different when you know

Rich man poor man doesn't mean a thing man everything is different when you know

When you know Ooooooh 

You'll know Oooooh

Chorus x 3 (Matt and Serena sing some differently ordered chorus words near the 
end so listen to the song)
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