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Apache Chords
This is not the orig song
I post nlng para makita ng marami ang song q pra sa bear q..


G                  C
From the fist sight of you
G                  C
You're just nothin' to me
G                       C
I never thought I've fall for you
But then I realized
C                         G-C
This fellin' of mine is true

G                C
By that time I met you
G                    C 
I can't explain this feElin'
G                        C
My heart was filled with so much joy
*And I feel the love
C                           D-Dsus-D
That I never ever felt before (2x *)


G              Bm            D-Dsus-D
I want you to be mine for ever
Em                      C              G
You're the only one that I'm dreamin' of
Till that moment comes
C                    G (INTRO)
I'll be wating for you..


You bring tears to my eyes
And I can't find it easy
But still I'll wait for you
*'Coz time can heal
The pain of my broken heart (2x *)

( repeat chorus 2x)

ganun nlng uli sa 3rd verse.
thx.. enjoy it..n_n
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About the artist behind Apache Chords:

The Shadows are an English instrumental and vocal rock and roll group active from the 1950s to the 2000s.

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