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Down Along The Lea
Down Along The Lea
Mary Lou Lord

F      133211
C      x32010
Am     x02210
G      320003
Dm     xx0231

F  C  Am  C

Verse 1:
F   C  G   Am
Day in day out
F               C         G
Where you going where you been
F        C      G    Am    F              C   
What you got to moan about only what I've seen
F                    G
Times are hard but I heard you say
F               G
Why you telling me
Dm        C      G     Am
I've been seeing for myself
F              C
Down along the lea

Verse 2:
F     C        G            Am
Don't know how well off you are
F                C        G
Pills and money, safe and warm
F        C         G      Am
Watching from your silver star
F                     C
You don't know you're born
F                G
Harbored in your little cove
F               G
Loath to put to sea
Dm        C        G      Am
I've been drifting on the tide
F              C
Down along the lea


Verse 3:
F   C       G          Am
High hi the brain dead cry
F            C      G
What a loser what a state
F      C         G      Am
Take a good look in her eyes
F                C         
Pupils look like plates
F                 G
Confusing me with someone else
  F                    G
I guess she looks like me
  Dm      C          G      Am
I think I passed her on her way
F              C
Down along the lea
       Dm      C          G      Am
Well I think I passed her on her way
F              C
Down along the lea

Tabbed By Antony Wood
[email protected]

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About the artist behind Down Along The Lea:

Mary Lou Lord (b. March 1, 1970, Salem, Massachusetts) is an alternative rock musician, busker and recording artist.

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