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Arise Chords
Arise by Sepultura

Intro- F5, G#5,F5, E5, F5, E5
       E5, F5, E5 -x4

       E5, F5

E5                    F5
Obscured by the sun
E5                   F5
Apocalyptic clash
E5                    F5
Cities fall in ruin
E5                 F5    G5    F5
Why must we die

G#5                       F5   G5   F5
Obliteration of mankind
G#5               F#5
Under a pale gray sky
  G#5   F5            
We shall arise
E5                           F5
I did nothing, saw nothing
E5                          F5
Terrorist confrontation
Waiting for the end
F5   E5                   F5
  War-time conspiracy

E5               F5   E5  F5  E5             

F5  E5    F5  G#5    F5  E5 x4

                  G#5 G5   G#5  G5   F#5

F#5  F5  E5    G#5  G5  G#5  G5   F#5  F5  E5

E5                    G#5 G5  G#5 G5  G#5
I see the world, old, old
E5                     G#5 G5  G#5 G5  G#5
I see the world, dead, dead


E          G#5 G5 E G#5 G5 E G#5 G5 E  G#5 G5 E G#5  F5

Victims of war, seeking some salvation
                     F5  G5
Last wish, fatality

I've no land, I'm from nowhere
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
E5                  F5
    Face the enemy
E5                  F5
    Manic thoughts
E5                          F5
    Religious intervention
E5                   F5
    Problems remain
G5     F5  G#5                     F5
           Obliteration of mankind 
G5     F5  G#5                    F5
           Under a pale gray sky

We shall arise

(Outro)-F5 E5    F5 E5    F5 E5

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About the artist behind Arise Chords:

Sepultura is a Brazilian thrash metal band, formed in 1984.

Their name means "grave" in Portuguese, which they chose after Max Cavalera, one of the founding members, was translating the lyrics of the Motörhead song "Dancing on Your Grave" from their Another Perfect Day album.[4]

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