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Into your stream
         F           C
Will you let me time befall
    F                 C
Out of this warm seas body
That uses curtains for a door
Into your calm
              F            C
It storms out like a cannonball
          F               C
Where you leave me I will lie
   F                 G
Of until the morning comes
             F               C G    C
So would you take me to your waters tonight?

There’s a man
                F               C
Who’ll sell you all you need to know
           F                  C
And if you want more than you need
Well, the more you shall receive
And in your cay
              F               C
Where there’s room enough for me
         F                C
Safe within your arms for weeks
        F             G
On the promise of new days
             F               C G    C
So Would you take me to your waters tonight?
For the rush of a thousand men 
    C             G
who knock at your door
Every single one has more than I
    C                   G
But together we’re made whole
Oh let me feel your body
       C          G
Let me touch your soul
Let me feel the sweetest taste of warmth
       C                G
That’s coming from your core
So when I die
          F              C
Don’t you bury me in the ground
Don’t you leave my body
   C                        G
To demons that seem to roam around
And to your waters 
         F                   C
Oh we’ll rock, we’ll finally rest
        F              C
In your river I’ll lay deep
Oh until you come again

C    F C  F C    G  (x2)

             F               C
So would you take me to your waters
F               C
Take me to your waters
F                C G    C
Takes me to your waters tonight?
JJ Shiplett - Waters :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
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