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Photos From When We Were Young
Song is in 3/4

      G                      C            G
I was looking at photos from when we were young
     C             G               D
Your hair is light blue and you're smiling in one
         C             G               C          G
And it's a strange remembrance brought on by this semblance
   C          G        D
Oh we were so serious, shy, inexperienced


C       C    C/B C/A G
Oh so unsure of ourselves
C         G             D
Making mistakes without anyone's help
      C              G          C        G
And I thought of the ways I remember you well

     G                                  C         G
Some sweet recollection of redwoods and raspberry vines
C              G            D
Boys you wrote postcards to numerous times
      C           G             C           G
The uncertainty then, like some sentence of sin
      C       G          D
Punctuated by moments of tenderness when
           C          G        C          G
There were long conversations, sharing of beds
C                G             D
Walks home from swimming pools giddy, impressionable,
    C             C  C/B  C/A G
The distance grew up like the night
  C            G          D
Decisions were silence or preemptive flight
         C            G            C          G
Yeah the queer kids I knew, we did tend to be shy

         G                         C          G
And your parents just couldn't get over their shit
     C            G           D
They spoke of how all their ambitions were split
         C             G      C           G
But they still let you in and tried to pretend
        C          G           D
Now you let them refer to your lovers as friends
      C               C   C/B C/A G
And I wish they could see how it hurts
   C             G            D
Or affirm your existence with interested words
           C      G           C           G
Yeah their self-obsession's a patriarched curse

   G                      C          G
So you made a family from people you found
          C        G               D
Your grew into yourself with those weirdos around
            C          G        C            G
Late nights talking at home, or dancing 'til dawn
   C           G                  D
Or driving all day, 'cause you're sick of the phone
          C              C    C/B C/A  G
Yeah, the good ones they tend to leave town
   C              G           D
It helps to write letters and say "come on down"
         C       G           C       G
Yeah I'm so much better when you're around

      G                       C           G
And I think of you when I put on your old clothes
         C             G      D
We don't talk all that often, who ever does?
         C         G        C          G
But I'll visit you soon and sing you a tune
      C         G          D
About finding a family somewhere in the ruins


       C      C     C/B C/A G
Of the expectations we once knew
      C           G              D
We'll try to make peace with our patriarchs too

C  C C/B C/A G
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