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Free Bird
   Hey guys this is my first tab, I know when most people here the word freebird 
they want to learn the solo or the slide leads at the begining but I must tell you 
that the rythym found here is just as important to keep the timing for the solo.  
I can play every part of this song lead and rythym and I know the chords here are 
correct, Sorry about the second chord I really don't know it's name.    
       G- 320003
       ?- 220003
      Em- 022000
       F- 133211
       C- x32010
       D- x00232
     G    ?          Em      F         C              D     Dsus D
    If I leave here tomarrow will you still remember me?
    G      ?             Em     F                C                 D  Dsus D
    I must be travelin, on now, there's to many places I've got to see.

And if I stayed here with you girl, things just couldn't be the same
     G            ?        Em       F         C              D 
    Cause I'm as free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change.
              F            C                D
    Ohhhhhhhh oh and this bird you cannot change
              F         C               D
              and this bird you cannot chaaaaange
            F      C                D
              Lord knows, I can't chaaaaaange

The second verse is played like the first:

Then the chorus again:
                       F           C                 D
               Ooooooh oh and the bird you'll never chaaaaange
               F        C                  D
               and the bird you'll never chaaaaaange
               F    C              D
               Lord knows I can't chaaaaaange
              F      C               D
               Lord help me I can't chaaaaaaaaaaaaaange

The rythm for the solo is in these 3 barre chords:  
                 355433, 688766, 8 10 10 9 8 8

I know that doesn't tell you alot about how to play it but the end rythm is done 
in several different phases of strum patterns. If you wan't to learn how to play 
the rythm just listen to the freebird demo version, in this version Allen Collins 
broke a strring at the begining of his solo so you can hear all of the rythm.    
Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!
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About the artist behind Free Bird:

Lynyrd Skynyrd (pronounced /ˌlɛnɚdˈskɪnɝd/,Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd) is an American Southern rock band. The band became prominent in the Southern United States in 1973, and rose to worldwide recognition before several members, including lead vocalist and primary songwriter Ronnie Van Zant, were killed in a plane crash in 1977 near McComb, Mississippi. A tribute band was formed in 1987 for a reunion tour with Johnny Van Zant, Ronnie's younger brother, at the helm, and continues to record music today.

The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 13, 2006, with members Gary Rossington and Billy Powell, former members Ed King, Bob Burns, and Artimus Pyle, and deceased members Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, and Leon Wilkeson.

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