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Ek Akaser Tara
Hey friends this is SAMRAT(SWED,DU)………..try this chords of "Ek Akaser Tara" by Aiyub
Bachchu…….mail me [email protected]…..

Am		     C		G
Ek akaser tara tui eka gunisne
Am		C      Am
Gunte dis re kisu more
        F                 G
Ore sob valo tui eka basis ne 
G		Am
Ektu valo baste dis more
Am		C	     G
Puro josona tui eka pohas ne
Am		C     Am
Songe nis re tui more
Ore sob valo ……………..
Am			    G		      Am
Ridoy loye korbi jokhon boitha dis re tui more
Am			   G			Am
Vasbo na hoi dujon mile sopno lok sukher ghore
Ore sob valo………….
Am			         G			Am
Dukher bojha boibi jokhon soron koris re tui more
Am			G			Am
Asbo na hoi tor kache jekhane thakis tui joto dure
Ore sob valo………….
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