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What A Wonderful World
What A Wonderful World
Chords: Gm7/C;333333-110011 F+;XX3221-1X322X Bbmaj7;113231 Am7(b5);XX1213-X7565X-00554X
F#dim7;XX3434-011322-X64646-X44646 C7b9;X32323-32320 Bb6;XX3333-343333 C#; XX3121-335553
[C7] I see [F] trees of [Am] green,
[Bb] red roses [Am] too.
[Gm7] I see them [F] bloom, [A7] for me and [Dm] you,
and I [C#] think to myself, [Gm7/C] what a [C7]
wonderful [F] world. [F+ Bbmaj7 C7]
[C7] I see [F] skies of [Am] blue,
[Bb] and clouds of [Am] white,
[Gm7] the bright blessed [F] day,
[A7] the dark sacred [Dm] night,
and I [C#] think to myself, [Gm7/C]
what a [C7] wonderful [F] world. [F / Bb / F] #Bridge:
The [C7] colors of the rainbow, so [F] pretty in the sky,
are [C7] also on the faces of [F] people goin' by,
I see [Dm] friends shaking [C] hands,
saying, [Dm] "How do you [C] do?"
[Dm] They're really [F#dim7] saying,
[Gm7] "I [F#dim7] love [Gm7] you", Bridge: [C7]
[C7] I hear [F] Babies [Am] cry,
[Bb] I watch them [Am] grow
[Gm7] They'll learn much [F] more,
[A7] than I'll ever [Dm] know,
And I [C#] think to myself, [Gm7/C]
What a [C7] wonderful [F] world. [F / Am7b5 XX1213]
#Fade Out:
[D7] Yes, I [Gm7] think to myself,
[Gm7/C] what a [C7b9] wonderful [F] world [Bb6 / F]
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About the artist behind What A Wonderful World:

Louis[1] Armstrong[2] (4 August 1901[3] – July 6, 1971), nicknamed Satchmo[4] and Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter and singer.

Armstrong was a charismatic, innovative performer whose improvised soloing was the main influence for a fundamental change in jazz, shifting its focus from collective improvisation to the solo player and improvised soloing. One of the most famous jazz musicians of the 20th century, he was first known as a cornet player, then as a trumpet player, and toward the end of his career he was best known as a vocalist and became one of the most influential jazz singers.

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