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Bring Me Down Chords
"Bring me Down"
 by rivermaya

intro: D-G-D-G-D-G-D-Dsus-D hold

   D      G    D           G
Is it unfair? Would you beware?
D                        C-G-A7-A
If I might catch you in a stare?
    D                G
Now tell me if it's okay
      D                    G
If I walk past your door today
       D            Bm
I'm runnin' out of happy words to

     Em                    Bm
But I don't need a funny line 
         G                  D
'Cause nobody laughs at a castle
that's crawling/crumbling 
Bm(/G)               F#m
Down with every word you
Every game you/every 
         A7 hold plucking
Hey, hey, hey

D            G
C'mon now tell me
D              G              D  
Would it be a better day for you
  Bm              G-Fm-Em
If you, bring me down?

Interlude: D-G-D-G

You got your coat and tie 
And you're looking so cool 
      D                   G
In front of the TV camera, yeah, 
D           Bm
All just to tell us 
We'll be gone
        D          G       D
Now tell me/is it ok if I told you
You're all funky and gay?

       D                Bm
Does anyone ever have a happy 
things to say?

(repeat coda then chorus)

Ah ahaa
Ah ahaa
Ah ahaa
Kill me down and lead on
Kill me down and lead on
As we dance
And I found 
And I found

etong kantang to ay isa sa mga favorite ko
medyo sure ako dito mga 99.9% ang sure ko
*para to sa lahat lalo na sa mga friends ko* 
I love you regelle shayne miranda!
any comments/suggestions just send me a message @ 
[email protected] Mabuhay ang tugtuging pinoy
Paki rate naman po ito. thank you po!

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About the artist behind Bring Me Down Chords:

Rivermaya is one of the most influential alternative rock bands in the Philippines. The band has several well-known singles, such as "Ulan," "214," "Himala," "Kisap Mata," "Hinahanap Hanap Kita", "Umaaraw, Umuulan", "Alab Ng Puso", "You'll Be Safe Here", "Balisong", "Isang Bandila", "Sumigaw", "Sugal Ng Kapalaran" and many others. Founded in 1993, the band's musical direction has evolved through simple rock, hard rock, pop, metal, progressive, etc. They have recently released work in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia and have garnered the attention of fans throughout Southeast Asia.

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