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Gaston " Josh Gad " Beauty and the Beast

(play A+ as x0232x)

[Intro] " fast 6 count

D    A7    D    A7   D   A7  


Bm                      Bm              Bm                     Bm
Gosh, it disturbs me to see you Gaston, Looking so down in the dumps
Bm                       Bm               Bm                    Bm
Every guy here'd love to be you, Gaston! Even when taking your lumps
D                           D                    D                   D
There's no man in town as admired as you, You're everyone's favorite guy
Bm          Bm/A      E/G#                    E                    A
Everyone's awed and inspired by you, And it's not very hard to see why


A   A+    D                         A
No one's slick as Gaston, No one's quick as Gaston
          A                   D
No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston
            Bm                     Em      Em        A        D
For there's no man in town half as manly. Perfect, a pure paragon!
        Bm                    G
You can ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley
            Bb             Bb          Bb           A
And they'll tell you whose team they'd prefer to be on


A    A+   D                               A    
Who plays darts like Gaston?, Who breaks hearts like Gaston?
            A                       D
Who’s much more than the sum of his parts like Gaston?
     Bm                 E
As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating!
Bb         A         D
My, what a guy, that Gaston!


  A                     A/A#     
I needed encouragement, thank you, LeFou
              A/B        A/C     A/C#
Well, there's no one as easy to bolster as you!   Too much? ...Yep


A  A+    D                         A
No one fights like Gaston, Douses lights like Gaston
A                            D
In a wrestling match, nobody bites like Gaston
       Bm                       Em         Em            A           Bm                    
When I hunt, I sneak up with my quiver And beasts of the field say a prayer
         Bm                    G             Bb                                                
First, I carefully aim for the liver, Then I shoot from behind
        Bb                A
Is that fair? I don't care


       D                         A
No one hits like Gaston, Matches wits like Gaston
     A                       D
In a spitting match, nobody spits like Gaston
    Bm                 E                     Bb A               D
I'm especially good at expectorating! (Spits)   Ten points for Gaston!


F#                       Bm                    E                     A
When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large
A                             Bm           Bm/A
And now that I'm grown, I eat five dozen eggs
       E/G#         E        A
So I'm roughly the size of a bar…ge!

[Music Interlude]


A   A+  D                      A   
Who has brains like Gaston? Entertains like Gaston?
A                             Bb7
Who can make up these endless refrains like Gaston?
      D/A                    E/G#    E
I use antlers in all of my decorating


A            A A G A
Say it again
        E/G#          E E D E
Who's a man among men?
          G          E/G#          A                Bm
Who's the super success? Don't you know? Can't you guess?
        G            F#7          Bm
Ask his fans and his five hangers-on
             G          E/G#        A             B7
There's just one guy in town, Who's got all of it down...

        Em         A
And his name's G-A-S...T...I believe there's another T...
It just occurred to me that I'm illiterate
And I've never actually had to spell it out loud before...

D           Bb  A   D

For Melissa, Dom, Mills, Mimes & Bea

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