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Some Cities
(D)Think I might have met you before 
I think it's time we settled a score 
Buildings there they stretch so tall 
It's steel and brick no more, no more (Em)

Can't I make you (G)see?

(D)Too much history coming down 
Another building brought to ground 
Roads that come together 
My memory never severs 
The love'll never sever for me   (Em)

Can't I make you (G)see?

(D)Some cities crush 
Some cities heal 
Some cities laugh 
While other cities steal   (Em)

Can't I make you (G)see?

(D)Some cities crush 
Some cities... 

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About the artist behind Some Cities:

Doves are an English indie rock band which formed in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, although most of their early gigs were in the nearby city of Manchester. The band comprises brothers Jez Williams (guitar) and Andy Williams (drums), along with Jimi Goodwin (bass, vocals, guitar).

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