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        G                      Em
I said man, can you help me out
bring me back to love
bring me back to life
                    D-Dsus-D (x2)
Oh why should I care

G                      Em
I said how, could you keep me out ?
without a wish to share
so without a doubt
                   D-Dsus-D (x2)
oh why should I care

G                   Em
we have been warned, it's a classic sign
                 G                   Em
it's a wicked mind, with an axe to grind
            A        G
when is it our, our turn ?
                   D-Dsus-D (x2)
so why should I care

bridge : D - G - D - Em (x2)

A A7                  A 
yeah we have been warned

it's a classic sign

instrumental : G - Em (x2) same as verse

A         G
if this is our last summer
oh why should we care ?
               A           G
if this could be our last summer
then why should we care ?
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About the artist behind Snowden:

Doves are an English indie rock band which formed in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, although most of their early gigs were in the nearby city of Manchester. The band comprises brothers Jez Williams (guitar) and Andy Williams (drums), along with Jimi Goodwin (bass, vocals, guitar).

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