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Well Be Together Again
(Capo IV)
G   C   D
G   C   D
G   C   D
Em  C   D

Am                              G       F
We're held in the motion as it moves us along
      G             Am              G
Never knowing quite where it might lead
         Am                   G         F
And from mountain to ocean we try to be strong
   G           Am       G
We bend to the ultimate need
       G             Am           G         Am
Of the hopes and the fears of the yet to be born
  G           Am            F
Determined we nourish their seed

           G         C                            D
And if the spirit is willing and the rivers don't rise
         G              C                  D
And the light doesn't disappear out of our eyes
       G             C                            D
And adventure stays with us with its pain and surprise
Em       C        D
We'll be together again
            G              C                            D
And if the line takes the strain and the rope doesn't break
        G            C                         D
And the venom stays asleep in the tooth of the snake
       G                  C                         D
And we don't hold against us the mistakes that we make
Em       C        D
We'll be together again

Am                        G             F
Oblivious love when it's clear and it's young
    G             Am              G
It waits for the chance to shine through
      Am                    G           F
And brother and sister from one we have come
       G            Am        G
And we wait for the chance to renew
         G              Am             G         Am
With the dreams and the schemes of the innocent years
     G             Am             F
That sing from the place where we grew


Em       C        
We'll be together.... 


Em       C        D
We'll be together again
    Em       C        D
Oh, we'll be together again 

G   C   D
G   C   D
G   C   D
Em  C   D
[Repeat and fade]

[Note: There is an interlude in between the last two choruses involving pipes. 
Couldn't quite figure out the chords there, so let me know if you can figure them out!]
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