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Home And Away
G:   320033
Em:  022000
E:   022100
C:   x3201x
D:   xx0232
F:   133411
F#m: 244222
F#:  244322
A:   x0222x
A7M: x0212x
Am7: x0201x

You know we belong together

You and I forever and ever

No matter where you are

You're my guiding star

And from the very first moment I saw you (saw you)

I never felt such emotion

I'm walking on air

Just to know (just to know)

You are there

A               A7M
Hold me in your arms

Don't let me go

I want to stay forever

D                E
Closer each day

Home and Away

A             A7M
Let me be the one

that you turn to

Someone you can rely on

D                E
Closer each day

         F# (Let ring)
Home and Away
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Home And Away Chords

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