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Fourteen Minutes Old
Fourteen Minutes Old
Doug Stone

Capo 2


D  G  A  A7  D

Verse 1:

D                                A
Well I've had all the time I need to wonder
Just how much I miss her being gone
                             D7   G
And I'm already wishing she was close enough to hold
          A             A7              D
And her mem’ry's only fourteen minutes old


G                               D
Some big old tears just fell from my blue eyes
        G                                  A7
And I guess they must have been there all along
          D               D7               G
There’s still some coffee in her cup, and it’s not even cold
          A             A7              D
And her mem’ry's only fourteen minutes old


D  D7  G  A  A7  D

Verse 2:

D                            A
Well ev’ry passing minute makes me want her
                  A7              D
Right back in my arms where she belongs
                 D7                 G
And I'm already missing times when she was mine to hold
          A             A7             D
And her mem’ry's only fifteen minutes old

[Repeat Chorus]  (Replace “fourteen” with “fifteen”)


A             A7             D
Her mem’ry’s only sixteen minutes old
          A            A7             D
And the coffee in her cup’s not even cold

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