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I Thought Id Seen Everything (ver 2) - Bryan Adams

I Thought Id Seen Everything
Great new CD. Here's the tab for the single "I thought I'd seen everything"
I tabbed it based on how it's played in the music video. Bryan plays with the guitar 
down a 1/2 step so if you want to play along with the CD
keep that in mind.

tabbed by: Curtis M
Capo 2
Lyrics from

G       320033
Cadd9   x32033
D       xx0232
Am      x02210
F       x33211

Intro:  G   Cadd9    G     Cadd9

Verse 1:
                  G                      Cadd9
I like the way we are, I love what we've become
                 G                           Cadd9
When I'm in your arms, I know I've found the one
                    G                      Cadd9
I love your kiss me mouth, and your static touch
                      G                          F
It’s just the way you are, that makes me feel so much

G        Cadd9

Verse 2:
                  G                     Cadd9
No one could ever know, what we're like alone
                   G                      Cadd9
Rollin' round like rain, we're a midnight storm
             G                           Cadd9
Like a river rising, I feel it thru your skin
            G                           F
When we're together, I never want it to end

                       G          D           Am    C
Oh, I thought I'd seen everything, til I saw you
                   G          D                Am    C
I thought I'd been everywhere, til I'd been with you
G              D         Am          C
I thought that everyone, knew what I knew
Am                 D          Am   D      G
I thought I'd seen everything, til I saw you

Verse 3:
                  G                  Cadd9
I like the way we are, like a raging fire
               G                   Cadd9
Burning up the night, burning with desire
                        G                        Cadd9
You're such a sweet temptation, you know I can't resist
         G                    F
Electricity, hey every time we kiss


Instrumental: (play verse chords)

(GO TO CHORUS) (end song on G)
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About the artist behind I Thought Id Seen Everything:

Bryan Adams OC, OBC,[1] (born Bryan Guy Adams on November 5, 1959)[2][3][4] is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, musician and photographer. Some of his best-known albums are Reckless, 18 til I Die, and Waking Up the Neighbours. Adams has been nominated three times for Academy Awards for his songwriting in films.[5]

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