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Lord Of The Starfields
Dm  Dm7  Bb/D :|

Dm           C
Lord of the star fields
Am          G/B
Ancient of days
Dm        C
Universe maker
Am                     Bbmaj7
here's a song in your praise

Dm            C
wings of the storm clouds
Am            G/B
beginning and end
Dm          C
you make my heart leap
Am                    Bbmaj7
like a banner in the wind

Gm7/D    C2
O Love, that fires the sun
keep me burning

Dm  Dm7  Bb/D :|

Dm          C
Lord of the star fields
Am        G/B
sower of life
Dm          C
heaven and earth are
Am            Bbmaj7
full of your light

Dm            C
Voice of the nova
Am           G/B
smile of the dew
Dm          C
all of our yearning
Am                  Bbmaj7
only comes home to you


guitar inst
Bb  C  Dm  Bb  C  Dm

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About the artist behind Lord Of The Starfields:

Bruce Douglas Cockburn, OC (pronounced /ˈkoʊbɚn/; phonetically: "co-burn") (born May 27, 1945)[1] is a Canadian folk/rock guitarist and singer-songwriter. He has recorded an immense volume of work, his 29th album being released in summer 2006, and has written songs in styles ranging from folk to jazz-influenced rock to rock and roll.

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