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Deeper Than The Holler Chords (ver 2) - Randy Travis

Deeper Than The Holler Chords
Song: Deeper Than The Holler Chords / Randy Travis

Requires a capo on the First fret. (If no Capo - Add Half step to each chord)

INTRO:  (E | A | F#m | B)

E			   A		  E		     A
Well I've heard those city singers singin about how they can love
E		A	      E		     A
Deeper than the oceans higher than the stars above
E		     A		   E			A
well I come from the country and I know I ain?t seen it all
E		 A		      E			   A
But I heard that oceans salty and the stars they sometimes fall
    F#m				     G#m				     
But that would not do justice to the way I feel for you
     A		       G#m	  F#m		   B 
So I have to sing this song about all the things I knew

E			   A	   E		     A
My love is deeper that the holler, stronger than the rivers
F#m		G#m		   A		 B
Higher than the pine trees growin? tall upon the hill
	   E		  A		  A	  G#m  F#m
My love is purer than the snowflakes that fall in late December
		G#m	   A
And honest as a robin on a springtime window sill
    F#m		    B|
And longer than the song of the Whippoorwill
(E | A | F#m | B)

E			  A		  	E	      A
From the backroads to the broadway shows with a million miles between
E			  A		  E		 A
There's a least a million love songs that people love to sing
    F#m			      G#m
And everyone is different and everyone's the same
   A		G#m	       F#m	      B 
so this is just another way of sayin the same thing

Repeat Chorus 2X

**B Sus 4** > All you do here is hit the F note 6th Fret on the B String.. You'll hear it.

Rob L
[email protected]

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About the artist behind Deeper Than The Holler Chords:

Randy Travis (born Randy Bruce Traywick, May 4, 1959 in Marshville, North Carolina[1]) is an American multiple Grammy Award- and Dove Award-winning American country singer. Active since 1985, he has recorded more than a dozen studio albums to date, in addition to charting more than thirty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, of which sixteen of those singles have reached Number One.

Considered a pivotal figure in the history of country music,[1] Travis broke through in the mid-1980s with the release of his album Storms of Life on Warner Bros. Records; the album, which sold more than three million copies, made Travis the first country music act in history to achieve multi-platinum status. It also established him as a neotraditionalist country act, and was followed by a string of several more platinum and multi-platinum albums throughout his career. Starting in the mid-1990s, however, Travis saw decline in his chart success. He left Warner Bros. in 1997 for DreamWorks Records; there, he would eventually switch his focus to gospel music, a switch which — despite earning him only one more country hit in the Number One "Three Wooden Crosses" — earned him several Dove Awards.

Travis, in addition to singing, holds several acting credits, starting with his television special Wind in the Wire in 1992. Since then, he has appeared in several movie and television roles, occasionally as himself.

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