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You Only Live Once
Brittnee Belt
You Only Live Once
Submitted by: [email protected]

Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G -  320033
D -  xx0232
Em - 022000
C -  x32010

Intro: G

  Why not take a
chance? To love
yourself learn to
dance too young to
live like that old
G  C            D
guy Stop asking why
  you'll never know
unless you'll try
give yourself a break
take a leap of faith

  YOLO Life is what
you make it Too
short you don't
want to fake it
Em          C
  skydive tonight

jump through a
fire ring YOLO Life
is what you make it
Too short you don't 
want to fake it  Fly
to Paris in the
summertime Life
is not going
           G G(hold)
to pass me by
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