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Secret Identity
Brittnee Belt
Secret Identity
Minor Details Soundtrack

Key: G# then A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G# -   466544
Bbm -  x13321
G#/C - x365xx
Cm -   x35543
C# -   x46664
Eb -   x68886
Fm -   133111
F# -   244322
A -    x02220
Bm -   x24432
A/C# - x476xx
C#m -  x46654
D -    xx0232
F#m -  244222
E -    022100

Intro: G#-Bbm-G#/C-C#-Fm-Cm-C#-Eb-

Verse 1:
I was walking down 
the street
just other day
when I saw this female
of best night then
She looked on me
with tears in her eyes
  and then I suddenly realized
  You guys are right while she
squeezed you then
C#              Cm
walk her dreams on her head
Bbm                    C#   Eb
   they just won't go away yeah

Chorus 1:
    G#            Bbm
And I was her and she was me
    G#/C           C#
And talking on and can't you see
    Fm          Cm             C#   Eb
But we all have dreams late at night
    G#           Bbm
And I am you and you are me
    G#/C               C#
and don't tell me that you can't see
    Fm         Cm
But we all have  yes we
    C#     Eb
all have a secret identity

Interlude: G#-Bbm-G#/C-C#-

Verse 2:
G#                    Bbm
All she wants is just to forget
    G#/C             C#
the pretty places of lights too bright
G#                Bbm
where they cut so deep inside
   She can never really be hide
  Fm                     Eb
without the thoughts and numb look face
C#             Cm
of regrets and upper heels
Bbm                    C# Eb
   It's so hard to let go whoa

(Repeat Chorus 1)
(Repeat Interlude twice)

Dreams are something 
you can't see
F#                 Fm
Baby it's called reality
Just turn around and
face your fears
a past regret and
a future dear yeah yeah yeah

Chorus 2: Modulate from G# to A
    A             Bm
And I was her and she was me
    A/C#           D
And talking on and can't you see
    F#m         C#m                  D    E
But we all have dreams to change the world
    A            Bm
And I am you and you are me
    A/C#          D
and don't tell me you can't see
    F#m        C#m
But we all have   yes we
    D      E            A Bm A/C# D
all have a secret identity
          A      Bm     A/C# D
a secret identity  yeah yeah
  my secret i-
  my secret i-
A/C#          D
   my secret identity
    F#m        C#m
But we all have   yes we
all have a secret identity
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