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Under The Tracks
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Date: Wed, 11 July 2001 03:05:28
From: "Jason Cahill" 
Subject: c/creeper_lagoon/under_the_tracks.crd

"Under The Tracks" - Creeper Lagoon
From the Album:  Take Back The Universe And Give Me Yesterday

Chords Used: D G Bm Am7

D: x00232
G: 320033
Bm: x24032
A: x02220

Intro: D G Bm A

There is place it has a face and he was walking out the door
His mother said she was ashamed....

Chorus: G D Bm A

Three times done
and your gone and you gone
you are free you you are free
its a long way home...

Bridge: Em D A G G/F# Em A

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