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Selective Amnesia
Selective Amnesia
©2013 Credence Found ASCAP

C# C#  F# G#  B C#

B   F#   E  C#   E C#

B       B      E F#    A      B
Man She needs to replace me,
B       B      E F#    A      B
Selective Amnesia erases me…
E  E   D  E  D  E      E    D   E  A
Only she knows…yeah
B       B      E F#    A      B
Only she knows.

Right there standing in the rain,
The machines won't see me again.
See me again...
Won't see me anymore! Deep down I don't know!

B              A              E 
(Yeah) I don't want it to be OVER! x2

There's a heavy weight on my back!
She won't be comin' back, 
that's a fact…
That's a fact I know! Oh Yeah! Deep down I don't know!

(Yeah) I can't believe it's OVER! x2
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