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Eve Teaser
Eve Teaser
©2013 Credence Found ASCAP


E  G  E   E E   G  E  (x4)
C           D

(Intro 3x)

E                                        G
I am no Roadside Romeo,
I make my cameo,
E               G
You must Take Back the Night,
A                                 E
Shine the Light on this horrible game.
E                               g
Once the Flirting begins, 
               A                       E
you reject it and then the pain.


E  G  E   E E   G  E 
             Eve Teaser

E  G  E   E E   G  E

E  G  E   E E   G  E
             Eve Teaser

E  G  E   E E   G  E

C           D

Chorus (2x)


C                                      B
It's just a quiet game we play
C                          B
Just to get our way!
C                            B
I can't help myself,
C                                                           B              
I wanna blame you - but look it is me - in the mirror!
Staring at myself!


D         Bb          G
D         Bb          C
D         Bb          G
D         Bb          C

E               G                        A
It's such a difficult crime to prove,
E               G                 A                        E
There are witnesses in public who aren't moved!

Chorus 2X


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