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Pour Out My Heart
.       G       D
 Here I am, once again
.  Em                         C
 I pour out my heart for I know that you hear
.     G             D
 Every cry, you are listening
.   Em                C
 No matter what state my heart is in
.         G           D
 You are faithful to answer
.      Em                          C
 With words that are true and a hope that is real
.      G        D
 As I feel your touch
.Em                     C
 You bring a freedom to all that's within

.       Am7    G        C
 In the safety of this place
.      D
 I'm longing to...

.G                     D
 Pour out my heart to say that I love you
.Em                    C
 Pour out my heart to say that I need you
.G                     D
 Pour out my heart to say that I'm thankful
.Em                    C                                               G D Em C
 Pour out my heart to say that you're wonderful
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