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Arms Of Love
 G  D  Em  C  Em  D  G  D  Em  C  Em  D  G 

G          D             Em
I sing a simple song of love,
         C    Em     D
To my Savior, to my Jesus.
G             D                     Em
I'm grateful for the things You've done,
            C    Em           D
My loving Savior, oh precious Jesus.
Am            Em              D              G
My heart is glad that You've called my Your own.
Am             Em               D
And there's no place I'd rather be

         G Bm7    C
Than in Your arms of love.
     G  Bm7      C
In Your arms of love,
            Em      Bm7       C
Holding me still, holding me near,
In Your arms of love.

G  Em  C  D  G   

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