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Hey Guy's this is my first uploaded tab (emphasis on uploaded) 
But I know the chords are right 
Lyrics I hope are right
Timing I think is right
but ya know what you came here for IS right so, yeah AWESOME


Capo 3

Am      F          C      Em
Filthy Bird Laying in our yard

Am             F           C       Em
Four chambered heart never beat so hard

Am       F       C      Em
Dad said she was almost gone

Am     F        C      Em
Upside down out on our lawn

Am          F        C     Em
And I could hold her in a shoe box

Am     F         C        Em
if she heals she could be mine

Am       F       C        Em
and if I can not save her spirit

Am       F        C         Em
Dad says I should break her spine

Am                 F
Shaking brilliant, silver black wings

C                 Em
Jesus Christ what prayers these dare sing


Am               C
Wear your hearts out on your sleeves for

F          G
starlings, starlings

Am               C
All the least of all of these are

F          G
Starlings, starlings

Am        F      C        Em
Two years pass I pump the chamber

Am      F      C         Em
full of air to shoot the birds

Am       F       C        Em
harmless game to hit them slightly

Am         F      C     Em
Scare them off in other words

Am        F       C      Em
Starling, falling to her death

Am       F      C          Em
Piercing copper steals her breath

Am      F      C      Em
See the flower in her breast

Am       F      C      Em
starving babies in her nest

Am              F
Raise our souls up to the sky

C                 Em
Why must helpless creatures die



Am                C
Every breath, has sacred weight

Am              C
Every life has some design

Am              C
Yet we kill and possess faith

Am                   C
Speak of life, while digging graves

Am              F
Raise our souls up to the sky

C                 Em
Why must helpless creatures die

(Chorus X2)

Well There ya go I hope its right and if its not E-mail me at

[email protected]
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About the artist behind Starling:

Brave Saint Saturn is a Christian rock band formed in Denver, Colorado in 1995. The band is a side-project of former members of Five Iron Frenzy (FIF) started by Reese Roper. The band calls their music style "astro-rock".The band also coined and encourages the use of "BS2" as a short nickname for the band.[1][2]

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